Cate Gardner (catephoenix) wrote,
Cate Gardner

Loathsome, Dark and Deep

Apologies for not visiting LJ in weeks. I've been posting all my NaNoWriMo blogs on my main blog, but had to pop over here to post this awesome news...

Book Party time.

This post feels a little like preaching to the converted. I suspect almost everyone who visits this blog knows Aaron Polson and if you don't, you should get to know him, you can find him here. For me, the internet would be an emptier place without Mr. Polson. I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm the president of his fan club. You're welcome to join.

Aaron's first novel 'Loathsome, Dark & Deep' is available to pre-order from Belfire Press where you'll also find an excerpt from the book.

Here's a mighty spiffy trailer for those not yet convinced...


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