Cate Gardner (catephoenix) wrote,
Cate Gardner

I used to be a Clown

Do I have the coolest brother? Look what he sketched for me. Of course, having made its appearance at a family get-together, the poor Strange Man above suffered much ribbing. I mean... He's obviously lost a bit of weight recently, why else would he need to grip onto his pants?

Sorry, one needs to be evil to ones brother at least once a day - 'tis in the contract.

And to be fair, he'd already attacked me. Observe...

Bro: Read one of your stories online... Strange Tooth. Impressed. Reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode.
Me: Wow, you actually read one of my stories. (Jaw flaps open).
Bro: I thought, she's good and then I read another one (shan't mention here to save the story's blushes) about (blah) and (blah).
Mum: Have I read that one?
Bro: Wouldn't bother, Mum. I mean WTF!!!

Still, I'll begrudgingly add, he can draw and I cannot.


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