Cate Gardner (catephoenix) wrote,
Cate Gardner

Bite Me

Sometimes, the internet rocks. Okay, most of the time, the internet rocks. Knowing Joshua Reynolds' book 'Dracula Lives' was forthcoming this month from Pulpwork Press, I thought I'd hold a little Dracula party on my blog. Get out those fake vampire teeth and party.  We're having Doritos...

and we've got beer...

To add to the fun the 'batty' Mr. Reynolds sent me a PDF of his book. Sometimes I think I'm a lucky fish. I'm still going to buy the real thing though and the follow up. Yep, I believe there'll be another Dracula story--which I discovered to my delight when I reached the end of the book. I am in awe of Joshua's mastery of action scenes. There's not a dull moment in the book.

For an extra helping of Dracula, check out Joshua's blog. It's party central there.

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