Closing Down

Just a quick note to say, while I'm still reading my friends LJ pages, I'm no longer blogging here. I've decided to just post to my original blog over at blogger: and to keep this journal open so that I can comment on LJ posts.

Loathsome, Dark and Deep

Apologies for not visiting LJ in weeks. I've been posting all my NaNoWriMo blogs on my main blog, but had to pop over here to post this awesome news...

Book Party time.

This post feels a little like preaching to the converted. I suspect almost everyone who visits this blog knows Aaron Polson and if you don't, you should get to know him, you can find him here. For me, the internet would be an emptier place without Mr. Polson. I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm the president of his fan club. You're welcome to join.

Aaron's first novel 'Loathsome, Dark & Deep' is available to pre-order from Belfire Press where you'll also find an excerpt from the book.

Here's a mighty spiffy trailer for those not yet convinced...


Simon Marshall Jones has announced the line-up for the initial chapbooks to be published by Spectral Press.

What They Hear in the Dark, by Gary McMahon (April/May 2011)
The Abolisher of Roses, by Gary Fry (September 2011)
Nowhere Hall, by Cate Gardner (January 2012)


Subscriptions for the first year (all three chapbooks) will open shortly (more details on Simon's blog). I imagine as Mr McMahon and Mr Fry are involved, sales should be pretty healthy.


Stars and Stripes

Listed a new competition on my Strange Men site yesterday - this one is more of a thank you to everyone who's bought the book. So if you've purchased the book send an email to before November 30th 2010 and I'll enter you in the competition. Full details at the Strange Men site.

It will also probably (never say never) be my last competition for the book. Been fun though.

Again, thank you to everyone who bought Strange Men. Very much appreciated. Oh, and I guess I should thank Pret A Manger who have obviously taken out a subliminal messaging campaign on my behalf. Ahem! And hey, they think you're all stars too.

I used to be a Clown

Do I have the coolest brother? Look what he sketched for me. Of course, having made its appearance at a family get-together, the poor Strange Man above suffered much ribbing. I mean... He's obviously lost a bit of weight recently, why else would he need to grip onto his pants?

Sorry, one needs to be evil to ones brother at least once a day - 'tis in the contract.

And to be fair, he'd already attacked me. Observe...

Bro: Read one of your stories online... Strange Tooth. Impressed. Reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode.
Me: Wow, you actually read one of my stories. (Jaw flaps open).
Bro: I thought, she's good and then I read another one (shan't mention here to save the story's blushes) about (blah) and (blah).
Mum: Have I read that one?
Bro: Wouldn't bother, Mum. I mean WTF!!!

Still, I'll begrudgingly add, he can draw and I cannot.

Bite Me

Sometimes, the internet rocks. Okay, most of the time, the internet rocks. Knowing Joshua Reynolds' book 'Dracula Lives' was forthcoming this month from Pulpwork Press, I thought I'd hold a little Dracula party on my blog. Get out those fake vampire teeth and party.  We're having Doritos...

and we've got beer...

To add to the fun the 'batty' Mr. Reynolds sent me a PDF of his book. Sometimes I think I'm a lucky fish. I'm still going to buy the real thing though and the follow up. Yep, I believe there'll be another Dracula story--which I discovered to my delight when I reached the end of the book. I am in awe of Joshua's mastery of action scenes. There's not a dull moment in the book.

For an extra helping of Dracula, check out Joshua's blog. It's party central there.


I'm wilting under a self-imposed ban to stay away from twitter until the weekend. My head is mostly buried in Nowhere Hall and I should be able to send the story scurrying to its intended market this weekend. Then, I guess I need to find anthology guidelines that are buried under a pile of mess and perhaps set my brain to thinking what the heck to write about for those.

Anyway, because I'm not ready to join Twitter Anonymous, here are the tweets I would have tweeted if I was on twitter...

=Sod Twitter Anonymous, I need to join Amazon Rank checker anonymous.
=I think I'm allergic to my butterfly necklace. This makes me sad. I think I'll continue to scratch until my skin tears off.
=Pitting a headless red jelly baby against a yellow one instead of writing… I mean, while I work out a plot point.
=My family have Rudolph noses. Thinking of sealing myself in a bubble. The house keeps shaking with their sneezes.
=My colleague leaves next week to work in DUBAI. She'll travel all over the world. Me, I'll continue to shuffle from scanner to computer.
=I'm in trouble. Haven't sorted out my nephew's wedding photos for mum yet. It'll be their 1st anniversary before I get to it.
=wish I was here :D

Of course there are no @replies. I do like to @reply, I'm especially fond of @reply cheekiness.

Twelve Lousy Days

Twelve days until NaNoWriMo. Twelve lousy days. I am the definition of panic.

Still working on my covered in red scrawl story. I have 3,000 words licked with another 4,000 to be prettied. Of course, the previous 3,000 will go through further surgery before I release it. So, no I didn't complete my edits at the weekend. I worked hard though and I have a title I somewhat like - Nowhere Hall.

As for the aformentioned NaNoWriMo, I decided this morning that the project is too big for me. It's not labelled 'mad escapade' for fun. Well, okay it was, but now it's seeming like a mad escapade in its entirety. I want to set part of it in the 1920s, I really do. And I meant to do lots of pretty 1920s research, but I haven't. I wandered around Waterstones last month and couldn't find one 1920s related book - god bless Amazon. Not that I ordered any from Amazon either. If this blog was twitter I'd be hashtagging #mefail. I'm considering changing the 1920s portion to the 1970s because, I was alive then and sort of remember it. Crap, did I just admit to that on the web. Of course, that would still require some 1970s research and I need to write how many words a day during November?

Okay, breathe...

In the bath this morning - best thinking always occurs there - I decided I should go for my other novel idea instead. I have a title, characters and an idea that I think is awesome (but then I would)... Of course I have no plans worked out at all for that book, and my other, The Museum of Impossible Artefacts, does at least have 14,000 ish words of notes.

Is it December yet?

I see Red Things

This is my weekend. This pretty pile of paper. Draft two of a story with ugly sentences in red and notes on things to fix in the margins. By the end of Sunday, I want to have almost no red and most of the comment boxes deleted.

I need this story out the door by next week so I can concentrate on finalising my NaNoWriMo plans. Walter (my dictaphone) is also holding three stories for me--one most definitely pants, one WTF, and one shiver-down-my-spine-creepy. I'd also like to edit one or two of the stories on my jingle bell line before hibernating in my new book. Ooh, new book. Excited now. Excited is so much better than overwhelmed.

In pretty news, Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits is now available to buy at - treble the excitement. I expect to be a millionaire by next week. In the ranking sense that is. My book's rank started (okay, first time I checked in) at 97,677, and has steadily dropped to 153,853 during the day. Boy, those guys sell a lot of books. That's 60,000ish shifted in about 7 hours. Bloody hell. Of course, I might be getting the math totally wrong, but still, they're mega busy and that's good for us right. People are buying books. Now I need to torture people into buying mine.

Something is wrong with that last sentence.